Crash-test equipment for rear seatsDesign and production of a control tool for front seats Design and production of a crash-test tool for front seats Drilling assembly tooling for the Rafale with turning truckDesign and implementation of a foot tilt lining in all axes

Design and construction of an assembly tool for center console on production lineDesign and development of an implementation tool striker trunk on a production lineDesign of an acoustic resonatorDesign and implementation of a monitoring tool for rear seats


 Optical measurement tool Design and production of a motorized marking effector Design and implementation of a trolley for reactor FAN COWL GE90

Comparator control tool Design of a lifting equipment with moving of the center of gravity Design of a bridage tool for machining

Nuclear & Energy

 Design and production of a turbineNuclear & Energy

Nuclear & Energy Nuclear & Energy Nuclear & Energy

Reverse engineering

Creating surfaces of a dumpster pickup from a scan Creating interior vehicle surfaces from scan Creating cabin interior surfaces from a scan Reconstruction of a Citroën 2CV windshield aerator

Hatch reconstruction Reconstruction of an internal wing of Citröen 2CV

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